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ephemeral: officially released!

Hello, my dear fellow friends and poets ~ I just wanted to let you all know that my poetry microchapbook, ephemeral, was released on November 10th by Nightingale & Sparrow, and is available for purchase on Etsy! Thank you so much to everyone who helped inspire me to begin my journey with poetry, especially some... Continue Reading →


if blue could dream, would she dream of you? or share a tear, an inkling, a drop - So far from the ocean from where you came. and if counting starts at 2, is one a paradox? they say you were forgotten, but an eternal echo in a life that ends so soon is also... Continue Reading →


sweet sorrow, liquid gold each tear drop, honey covered bee sting. glazed eyes, melting, gentle misery i cannot despise the cuts of crystal sadness or silver sorrow.


Hello friends. I have taken quite the lengthy hiatus. I plan to be back for as many moments as life will allow. In the meantime, I have a poem for you. - Sam she had a fascination with the moon but singed her fingers on the stars. she'd tripped and fallen with the autumn leaves,... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Corset

flames softly kiss the kettle, liquid froths and broils. four stomachs shrink at each stir, cinched by winter’s corset. the coal runs grey, flowering, wilting into tired sparks falling cold and dead. the dog gnaws insistently on a bone nearby, raking it with her teeth like a garden trowel, hoping to sprout meat between them. past a frameless window snow... Continue Reading →

Fire Beats Ice (Memory of a Girl I Knew)

She walks along the somber path by the light of the moon, chasing snowflakes with her umber eyes. She's cautious as she trudges across the frozen ground, so as not to lose her rhythmic intentional footing. She doesn't normally get along with the cold, but she knows she needs to get out, to escape, to let the breeze... Continue Reading →

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