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ephemeral: officially released!

Hello, my dear fellow friends and poets ~ I just wanted to let you all know that my poetry microchapbook, ephemeral, was released on November 10th by Nightingale & Sparrow, and is available for purchase on Etsy! Thank you so much to everyone who helped inspire me to begin my journey with poetry, especially some... Continue Reading →


if blue could dream, would she dream of you? or share a tear, an inkling, a drop - So far from the ocean from where you came. and if counting starts at 2, is one a paradox? they say you were forgotten, but an eternal echo in a life that ends so soon is also... Continue Reading →


I made a choice to share a moment that fleeted faster than I could grasp and yet forgot to take my heart with it. I guess feelings don’t fade faster than memories - which are like flowers that die slow and beautifully. Some still stick like honey while others melt away like bittersweet chocolate on... Continue Reading →

Nighttime Coffee Shop

Dead eyes, night lights, a sea of stars drowns in obsidian skies and Time's withered claws scrape across the mirror in your mind. Or is it a window?   Eyes shine bright in the reflection but there's something on the other side: the huff and bustle of sleepy coffee shop life. Rain drips down the... Continue Reading →

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