coffee and cigarettes

[for Emma Claire]   drink the tobacco cyanide, soak in the full moon’s breath and light you are captivated by the night, enraptured in roses and the flavor of bitter   i saw you subsist and sustain yourself on nothing but coffee and cigarettes, i am convinced smoke and stimulants run you,   chaos writes... Continue Reading →


Mojave Heart Review

I've always avoided writing love poems. They never felt real. But recently I have been inspired to give it a go with 3 new poems, and honestly did not expect it to go anywhere. But I gave submission a shot, and low and behold, the lovely Mojave Heart Review was kind enough to publish what... Continue Reading →


sweet sorrow, liquid gold each tear drop, honey covered bee sting. glazed eyes, melting, gentle misery i cannot despise the cuts of crystal sadness or silver sorrow.


Hello friends. I have taken quite the lengthy hiatus. I plan to be back for as many moments as life will allow. In the meantime, I have a poem for you. - Sam she had a fascination with the moon but singed her fingers on the stars. she'd tripped and fallen with the autumn leaves,... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Corset

flames softly kiss the kettle, liquid froths and broils. four stomachs shrink at each stir, cinched by winter’s corset. the coal runs grey, flowering, wilting into tired sparks falling cold and dead. the dog gnaws insistently on a bone nearby, raking it with her teeth like a garden trowel, hoping to sprout meat between them. past a frameless window snow... Continue Reading →

Esse est percipi

Nodulated hand curled, pen furled in grip, shaking at the ship’s wheel, making waves of paper edges. Hoping to dog-ear history, creating flaps reminiscent of flayed fish. Your body a place marker amongst words drowned in seas of lost literature, novice sailors dastardly shipwrecked upon the pages, evaporate under the illusion of the siren’s call.... Continue Reading →

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